opinion paper


Answer each part of all the following questions for a total of at least two full pages, typed, double-spaced, response. Your font must be 12pt. Times New Roman without adjusting the margins. Do NOT reprint the questions in your paper.

Use what you have learned in class, what you have read in your text, and your own opinion. Be ready to back up your responses with concrete examples and logic. If the question refers to historical time periods or people you must include information about them in your question.

There is not a right or wrong to each question, but you do need to be specific and thoughtful in your answers. Post your paper to this assignment. I prefer Word but if you use Google Docs remember to give me access. A Works Cited Page is only required if you use specific information or a quote from a source.
Remember this is an opinion paper. I want to hear your voice and you must take a stand and defend it. If you need any question clarified, please let me know.  

1. What is the difference between a heroic legend and an infamous villain in history? When looking at people such as Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, and King Leonidas, Emperor Xerxes, etc, what determines how they are viewed?

2.  What should the countries of 2021 learn from the collapse of the Roman Republic? Discuss one thing in detail.

3. Watch this short video about Plato’s Analogy of the Cave. Plato’s Allegory of the Cave – Alex Gendler – YouTube (Links to an external site.)

Then answer this question: Can you think of a specific example of people staying in the cave or preferring the shadows in modern life? Explain.