Observing Teacher/Child Interactions


Description:  The focus of this assignment is to observe a teacher-child interaction. 


Record at least 3-5 observations of teacher-child/children interactions. Be professional and respect confidentiality.  DO NOT observe during a teacher directed activity. The observer sits or stands apart from the interaction, writing down all behaviors and dialogue that occur during that interaction.
After you have recorded an objective record of events, analyze the teacher-child/children interaction by comparing it with the developmentally appropriate criteria from your DAP textbook. If you observed an infant (birth – 18 months) use pages 76-79. If you observed a toddler (18-36 months) use pages 90-95. In a two-page summary, compare the observed behavior with the developmentally appropriate criteria.
In a one to two-page summary, compare the observed behavior with each of the paragraphs of developmentally appropriate practices. (State the criteria).
Describe the benefits and uses of this type of authentic assessment. (S3a)
Describe ways to form partnerships with families and professional colleagues to support assessment. (S3d)
Include a statement about how you could create a caring community of learners in your classroom. (S3d)