Nutrition Feeding and Eating”


TOPIC 5: Interventions to improve nutritional status: What type of interventions improve adherence to recommendations on nutritional intake?

Example Study:

 Interventions to enhance adherence to dietary advice for preventing and managing chronic diseases in adults.

Define the Topic and Question

 How do you interpret and/or understand the topic and question you selected?

Overview/Significance of Problem

 Describe Overview and Significance of Problem of the topic and question you selected

 Include in-text citations

Article Search

Current and credible resources: List Chamberlain library Database(s) used

Database search-terms and methods

Number of articles located

List additional sources outside of ATI module: List all sources you used for article search outside of

ATI (CDC, American Diabetic Association, etc.)

Article Findings

Why this article chosen?

How it addresses the topic? State the “Purpose/Aim of Study” as the author stated in article

Type of Research conducted:

 Quantitative, Qualitative, Descriptive, or Mixed-Method study?

 Briefly describe what was done (sample, methods, measurement tools used)

Findings of Research: Comprehensively describe ALL Findings in the article.

Evidence for Practice

Summary of Evidence

 Briefly summarize the overall purpose and findings of the research.

How will this evidence improve current practice?

 Briefly describe what the current practice is.

 Describe how this evidence improve current practice?

How will this evidence decrease a gap in current practice?

 Briefly describe difference between the current knowledge, skills, competence, practice, performance

or patient outcomes and the ideal or desirable state

 Describe how this evidence decrease a gap in the practice?

Any concerns or weaknesses in the evidence/finding? 

Sharing of Evidence

Who would you share the information with? (colleagues, other disciplines, patients, families)

How would you share this information? (in-services, health fair for patients, educate healthcare


What resources would you need to accomplish this sharing of evidence?

 List resources you may need for sharing the evidence as you stated in above 2 questions (who and how) (i.e. administrator, manager, support for materials….etc.)

Why would it be important to share this evidence with the nursing profession?


 Summarizes the Theme of Paper, Findings, and Key points.

 Do NOT include Conclusion/Implication on the article