nutrition and exercise journal

AS Description: Create a 4-day nutrition and exercise journal followed by a 2-page reflection to explore eating and physical activity habits and their role in contributing to a balanced, healthy, lifestyle.


Journal Requirements:

· 4 entries

· Date and Time of food intake/activity (exercise, take the stairs, walk around campus, etc.)

· What did you eat? How much (can be a guestimate; ex: ½ sandwich)? 

· Why did you eat? Meal time? Stress? Boredom? To be healthy? Socializing? (Sentence form; ex: I ate a bagel because I was hungry; I ate a whole bag of chips because I was stressed.) 

· How did you feel after you ate/exercised? (Sentence form)

· 3-4 sentence summary at the end of each journal entry answering: How did you feel at the end of the day? Bloated? Tired? Energized? Sick? 

**The point of this assignment is to learn how food and physical activity affect your overall health and well-being**


§  In a 2-page paper, 12-point Times New Roman font, analyze your journal based on Dietary Guidelines for Americans and ACSM Physical Activity Guidelines. 

Discuss the following in your paper:

A) What factors affected your food and activity choices?

B) Where could you make improvements in nutrition and physical activity? 

C) Are there any side effects of eating poorly and/or not being physically active? 

D) Was your mood/energy level affected by your choices?

E) What was the most important thing you learned about yourself? 


§ Use peer reviewed research to support your responses (Two peer-reviewed or government sources required). 

AS Instructions: See attached document