1.Identify a specialty nursing organization closely related to your current or future area of practice focus. (American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) identified

2.Locate a copy of the ANA Standards of Practice and Performance from that specialty nursing organization. You will be using this document in a discussion activity later in the course as well as in the final Teaching Project Summary paper. (Hospital policies and guidelines are not suitable for use in this course!) 

3.Submit a reflection to your mentor via Submissions indicating your identified specialty organization standards. Use this reflection to indicate if you have questions.

Your reflection should include:

  • Describe the Professional Standards of Practice and Performance that you have chosen to use as the basis for this teaching project (i.e. from what nursing specialty, year published, etc.)
  • Describe how the chosen standards address the teaching/learning role in nursing practice
  • Describe how you will use the information contained in the Professional Standards of Practice and Performance to guide the development of your instructional intervention, and promote a change in practice



Critical Thinking. The instructional design process begins with the identification of an instructional problem or need. The purpose for identifying a problem is to determine whether instruction should be part of the solution. The activity is the first step in conducting a needs assessment. Your goal with this activity is to apply critical thinking skills to identify problems in your workplace (or community if no workplace) and describe the gap between what is expected and the existing conditions.

Your posting to the discussion forum should include the following information. Use the subjects Problem 1 and Problem 2 followed by a 2-5 word short description of the problem:

  • Identify two (2) problems in your workplace or community for which the lack of knowledge contributes significantly to each of the problems. One of these problems will ultimately become the focus of your teaching project. Use (“increased hospital readmission in patients with diabetes”) as one of the      problems. This is required for teaching project.
  • Describe the gap between what is expected and the existing condition or problem.
  • Explain why you think teaching may be the solution to each of these problems
  • Identify one possible obstacle for the learner in receiving instruction on each topic/problem in a group format
  • Identify one possible barrier for you as the designer and provider of instruction for each problem.