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Thanks for sharing how to be a better listener. Great discussion regarding the role of feelings. Body language is another way to show you are being an active listener and it also is one way to read how well others are listening to us. In terms of listening for content, what are some specific strategies from the book that you can use? Which do you prefer? For instance, do you prefer open ended questions or maybe affirmations? How about the other strategies?



When engaging in a difficult conversation for the purpose of reaching a resolution for a conflict, it is important to use listening techniques. The use of appropriate and effective listening techniques shows the other party that one has an interest and concern in the conversation. Active listening is a must as it helps to receive important information that is needed to understand meaning of the conversation (Weger Jr., Castle Bell, Minei, & Robinson, 2014). If one is actively listening, one can paraphrase what the other party said. This demonstrates that one is paying attention as one can summarize what was said. This technique should also be in conjunction with emotional labeling (EL). EL can be used to label the other party’s feeling that are expressed.