New Testament Life and Lit

Son of God- Watch the feature film, Son of God and write a 3-4 page paper comparing what you see in that film with what you have read in the Gospels. Do some critical thought, analyze and compare the events and the way the story is told. You know that Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John emphasize different points and write from different perspectives. Each Gospel writer is using the events in Jesus’ life to speak to his identity. How does this movie do in conveying what the Gospel writers communicate? Where did the writers/directors/producers miss the point? What did they get right? What was something you learned in the story that you didn’t know before? 

I want you to think about the film and how those writers/directors/producers had to combine the stories to make one story (in two hours). Please reference the gospels in your paper. In other words, you’ll need to say, “John, in his gospel (chapter 3, verse 16), indicates that God loved the world so much that he wanted to give his only son on behalf of the world. The movie indicated … which was unique as Mark, Matthew, and Luke …” I would prefer critical thought, not just what you know from Sunday School as a kid.- 

Make it 12 point font, Times New Roman with one inch margins.

 – Write at a college level! No run on sentences. Spell words correctly buy using spell check. Capitalize the first word in the sentence. Use a subject and a predicate. Use nouns and verbs… all stuff you learned in the eighth grade. Also, if you need to, have someone read it and edit it before you give it back to me. Please don’t give me junk.