Network Infrastructure Week 3


These days, wireless networking is prevalent in the home, in the office, and even in public settings such as restaurants. This popularity can be attributed to ease of use and wireless protocol advancements. Devices such as tablet personal computers assume an Internet connection in their design. More and more televisions are including wireless capability. The ability to configure wireless connection devices is an essential skill for all entry-level network administrators.

Part 2 must consist of 4–6 pages that addresses the following:

  • Share whether you use Ethernet and/or Wi-Fi in your home. Describe your observations and thoughts about similarities and differences between Ethernet and wireless technologies.
  • Summarize the steps necessary to set up a wireless network.
  • Discuss challenges and concerns one might experience when using wireless. Share any personal experiences when using wireless in your home, at school, or in a coffee shop.
  • Research and describe the vulnerabilities of the WPA2 encryption method, and suggest countermeasures that could reduce the risk exposure to an organization currently using WPA2 on its wireless devices.
  • Summarize how the wireless developments over the last 5 years have impacted networking.
  • In addition to any Library or other resources, you must include at least two references to your LabSim content.

Be sure to reference all of your sources using APA style. Refer to the APA Style Guide found in the Library for further information.