Need by Tuesday



  • Identify primary social media platforms
  • Describe the role of various social platforms in the digital marketing mix
  • Provide examples of social media in online marketing campaigns and initiatives


Start by reviewing Chapter 14 and 15 regarding Social Media of your text, Digital Marketing Strategy by Robert Stokes.  The goal of this assignment is to demonstrate your understanding of how companies use social media as an effective marketing tool. 


For this discussion, you will submit an initial post and respond to a classmate’s post.

Initial Post (80%) – DUE WEDNESDAY

1. Find an example of a brand within your industry that is creatively using social media. Explain why this use of social media is unique or innovative. Provide links, videos, and/or pictures to support your explanation.

2. What role is social media playing in their overall marketing efforts? How do you think social media is helping the brand meet their marketing objectives? Do they incorporate social media into their main website? If so, how? Do they incorporate social media into other marketing efforts (online or offline)? If so, how?

3. In regards to the brand’s social media strategy, what would you do differently? What lessons can you learn from their social media efforts?

Response Post (20%) – DUE SUNDAY

1. Using a social media analysis site (,,,, provide an analysis of the social media marketing effectiveness of the brand highlighted by a classmate in their post. What is the brand doing well? What might they do differently?