The last term you attended at Waldorf you dropped a course while on Satisfactory Academic Progress Warning which caused your dismissal. If you would like to appeal this dismissal and reinstate yourself into the program you’ll need to complete the attached form and write a statement. 

1. Provide a typed and signed statement describing the circumstances that led to your lack of academic progress while on Satisfactory Academic Progress. Be specific and concise in your explanation as to why you were unable to make successful progress.    (My mother became ill in July 2017, I had to care for her. She passed away in October 2017) .

2. Provide a plan of action that you will use to ensure your future academic success. Include information on how much time a day/week you will dedicate to your coursework.

3. Develop a plan with your advisor to repeat courses as needed and include this with your appeal.

In your appeal statement, you may include that we’ve discussed if your return is accepted you’ll retake your failed course and dropped course first. EDU 5102 Student-Centered Differentiated Learning and EDU 5100 Personal Leadership Skills and Team Building are the two you’ll need to have done.