Multicultural Perspectives Presentation

No matter what your specific role in education, knowing how to incorporate multicultural perspectives into your practice effectively is an important skill—so important that it is one of the course competencies. This assignment is designed with the flexibility to allow you to tailor it to your specific professional context and goals. The KWL chart helped you locate your professional context in the general framework of curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Now it would be helpful to review your KWL chart as well as the Definitions linked in Resources.

Suppose you have been asked to develop and conduct a presentation for orientation of new team members in your instructional setting. In the presentation, discuss multicultural issues and how they affect practice in your professional context. Also, provide strategies to meet the needs of multicultural learners in these areas.


You will determine content for your presentation based on your area of professional practice or program specialization. To complete this assignment, use Kaltura Media to create a narrated PowerPoint presentation. In your presentation, you must include the following:

A cover slide with your name, the course number, and the date.
Content slides describing the effects of multicultural issues on your area of practice.
Content slides with strategies for addressing multicultural issues that affect practice in your professional context. It will be most useful to focus on specific actions rather than on broad generalizations.
A reference slide that documents the references you used to develop your presentation.
Additional Requirements
Each slide should follow the "7 by 7" rule for designing visual presentations: no more than seven lines per slide, no more than seven words per line.
Use short bullet points and expand on your content in the recorded narrative.
Limit your presentation length to seven minutes. The best way to do this is by using your narration to pace your presentation. Practice your narration off line until you can finish it in seven minutes or fewer.
Refer to the linked Resources as you develop your presentation.

Note: If you require the use of assistive technology or alternative communication methods to participate in this activity, please contact Disability Services to request accommodations.