MIS103 – Job Search Databases


There are many job search websites that are freely available. The underlying structure of these websites is a database that organizes job listings or ads and allows users to search and browse the listings. Similar to reports in a database, most sites contain alert and notification features available to users, so that you can create an automated alert email when a new job that meets your specified criteria is posted.

Take some time to explore and compare the layout and features of at least two of these sites, or any other job search sites that you know of.

Then, answer the following questions in your journal entry:

  • How do you see the database concepts you have learned about in this module at play in the job search websites you explored?
  • How might your knowledge and experience with database structures allow you to better utilize these sites?
  • What job search site(s) do you think is most helpful for your career goals?
  • Which features or tools of these sites did you find useful, and why?

Submit a 300- to 500-word essay reflecting your thoughts on the questions asked above through the Assignment Dropbox by the end of Module 3 for Journal Entry 3. Please also use APA in-text citations and references for sources you used.