midterm question

1a: Choose a specific work by Jackson Pollock to discuss in terms of the main ideas and concerns of Abstract Expressionism. Your response should describe specific qualities in the Pollock painting and connect them to larger/broader ideas about AbEx.

1b: Relate Pollock to another artist we’ve looked at in class. Compare similarities and differences in their work. These may be visual, but should also include material comparisons and comparisons about the artist’s process, concerns, interests, and ideas.

2. Describe the main concerns of Pop artists (such as Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein), and connect these general characteristics to specific qualities you see in a particular work of art, that you identify by artist, title, and date. Be as thorough, clear, and specific as you can be in your response. 

3. Choose a specific work by a Land artist we looked at in class or who appeared in Troublemakers and describe the location, materials, and process of making the work in relation to general concerns of land/earth artists. Be as thorough, clear, and specific as you can be in your response.

4. Jordan Casteel spoke about the intimacy of portraiture, how she finds subjects, and the shared gaze between herself and the people she paints. Consider her reflections on depicting Black subjects in relationship to work we’ve looked at by Carrie Mae Weems, Kerry James Marshall, or Kehinde Wiley. Where are there similarities? In what ways do the artists differ (in materials, process, exchange of looks)? Be as specific as you can, citing specific works, and discuss differences in materials and aesthetic choices between the artists.