midterm assignment


Midterm Assignment –  Signature Assignment HBSE II

Please respond to each of these three questions. In writing your response, following this guideline. Use the questions as headings and write your response under the headings in paragraph format. 

1. Identify and describe two different theories/approaches learned in this course that would be helpful in understanding a life event.  2-3 paragraphs. 

a) Concisely define/summarize at least 2-3 main points of each the theories that you select. This summary should be primarily in your own words. 

2. Discuss how you might apply knowledge from each of these theories/approaches to better understand a selected life stage or event. 2-3 paragraphs.

a) Write at least one paragraph (7-10 sentences) for each of the theories/approaches explaining how each theory/approach helps to understand the selected situation. Rely primarily on your own words in your response.  

3. Engage in self-assessment and reflection of your learning process in understanding and applying theories to life situations.  2-3 paragraphs.

a) Consider strengths and challenges of your learning experience.  

b) Discuss at least two relevant issues related to your learning; such as, but not limited to: ambiguity, confusion, frustration, and ethical self-awareness.

c)  Describe your “future” self as a learner; how might you continue to develop your learning across new, multiple, and diverse contexts (environments, methods, populations, etc.).