Based upon the following articles, available in the CTU Library, and your reading, address this Unit’s discussion:

Go to the CTU Library, and open the ABI Inform database. Find and review the following article:

  • Boss, R. W. (1979). Essentials for successful organization development efforts. Group & Organization Studies (Pre-1986), 4(4), 496. Retrieved from
  • Bleich, M. R., & Hessler, C. (2016). Appreciative inquiry and implementation science in leadership development. The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing, 47(5), 207-209.

Address the following questions in 500-600 words:

  • In appreciative inquiry and research, a high level of participation among the members of the system desiring change is desired.
    • Why is participation such a critical element of AR/AI?
    • How does maximizing the participation by the team members of the client system lead to the discovery and optimization of the organization’s strengths?
    • How can you maximize participation?


In addition to addressing all elements of the assignment, a model answer emphasizes the following:

  • Proper citation of the required articles
  • Buy-In & Execution
  • Deep insights from all participants in the system
  • Open problem-solving climate 
  • Asking the right questions
  • Biases
  • Helpful relationship & phycological contract between AI practitioner & the organization especially the CEO
  • Trust
  • The 4D Model (Discovery, Dream, Design, Destiny) 

Additional Resources:

  • Ayad, A. (2008).  Optimizing inventory and store results in big box retail environment. International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, 36 (3), 180-191
  • Magnuson, S., Kras, K. R., Aleandro, H., Rudes, D. S., & Taxman, F. S. (2020). Using Plan-Do-Study-Act and Participatory Action Research to Improve Use of Risk Needs Assessments. Corrections (2377-4657), 5(1), 44–63.

Please reach out if you have any questions!