Mental health nursing bipolar and Schizophrenia.


Assignment #1 

Do two trifold client teaching flyers – one on Schizophrenia and one on Bipolar I (mania) 

Flyer should have a section providing key info on the disease. 

Signs symptoms of the disease expected findings for each condition.

Risk factor for each disease. Bipolar I pg 73 of the attached textbook. And schizophrenia pg. 77. 

Medication used for each condition. 

What can you teach your client regarding disease management? 

Tips on medication management for each condition this is in the textbook.

Nursing considerations and actions for each condition – this is in the textbook.

The information should be presented in short bullets points. 

Assignment #2 800 words. 

Watch the You tube Video – “Schizophrenia Simulation, Are Schizophrenia Simulations Accurate?” 

Described what you have learned regarding Schizophrenia?

What signs symptoms and expecting finding are seen in this condition? 

Is the information presented council with the information presented in the textbook and other resource? 

How has this video increased your perception and learning experience? provide examples and details. 

Use at least 4 references in your response. 

Assignment #3 

Find one scholarly article on nursing interventions related to either Schizophrenia – then write a 2-page summary of the article and submit a copy of the article. The original article must be submitted. 

work must be in APA format.