Matching Objectives To Instruction

Matching Objectives to Instruction
[CLOs: 1, 4]

Review the Common Common Core State Standards website (Links to an external site.). Select an academic standard for a content area you will be teaching that is compatible with the direct instruction model and create a lesson plan using the KUD Lesson Plan Template.

For this assignment you will complete the entire KUD Lesson Plan Template, however your instructor will focus on the following criteria:

Explanation of the grade level
Description of the instructional model
Identify the standard being taught (please include the FULL nomenclature of the standard)
Outline the objectives 
Two, “Students will KNOW” objectives
One, “Students will UNDERSTAND” objective
Two, Students will be able to DO” objective
Outline your procedures by describing at least two activities that could be used in a direct instruction lesson plan to support you KUD objectives you just created.