Marketing Discussion 1


Discussion 1 – Group 3

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Discussion Topics

Peter Drucker’s insights on marketing discussion:

(1) Even though much of Drucker’s writing was done decades ago, do you think his viewpoints are still relevant today? Why or why not? Explain.

(2) If you are a marketing manager practicing the marketing concept (i.e., a market orientation), how will Drucker’s insights help you to achieve the goal of a market orientation? Explain and give examples.

Marketing simulation discussion:

(3) What were your overall strategies in round 1? How did you spend the $5000? Was it effective? Why or why not?

  • The initial post should be at least 200 words in length (or longer if necessary) to elaborate your viewpoints in detail.
  • The two follow-up posts should:
    • critique and/or elaborate upon two distinct points made by your fellow classmates.
    • include direct responses to two different viewpoints made by the same or other classmates.
    • have at least one reply post be 100-200 words (or longer if necessary) relates to what your classmates’ thoughts on the topic and also adds your own comments/ suggestions/examples on his/her viewpoints. The second post can be shorter (at least 50 words).

A comprehensive and detailed post is considered high quality post since it thoroughly answers and elaborates on the discussion questions. Make your discussion valuable. The higher the quality of your comments and postings, the higher the quality of the exchange will be. Be sure the content is productive and helpful, and represents mutual respect. Relate your answers to marketing principles and/or textbook chapters/marketing articles you read. Use terms that are familiar to most everyone in the field and spell out abbreviations and acronyms.