Machine learning Project

Machine Learning Course Project 


 This course project is an opportunity for you to explore a machine learning problem of your choice. 

 There are many datasets out there. UC Irvine has a repository that could be useful for you project: 

  using this link (

Project guideline

**Classifier Implementation 

Implement a classifier or classification algorithm. It can be any classification algorithms we learned or have not learned in the class. 

1. Project Proposal should be 1 page long and Include the following information: 

-Project title; 

-The name of classifier or classification algorithm that you will implement; 

-The programming language you will use; 

-The format of training data you will use, i.e., the source of data set, the attributes’ types, the range of attributes’ values, the size of training set, etc. 

2. Project Report should be maximally 8 pages long and be written by using this link( 

and Include the following information: 


-The description of implementation process, such as flowchart, functions, pseudocode, or partial codes;

-The description about 1) using training set to build the classifier, and 2) applying the classifier on a small amount of test instances. That is to show how your classifier works, as well as the training errors and test errors. 


3. Presentation (10 ~ 20 pages)

-Explain the source code files; 

-Present how your classifier works; 

-Evaluate your classifier.