Write a 4-6 page paper on a topic that is related to sex, gender and health that is of interest to you.  Focus on a specific group.  Examples of special topics might include:

Heterosexual Women and HIV
Transgender Individuals in the Healthcare System
Intersex Babies and Decisions About Gender Assignment
Gay Men and Lesbians in Health Professions
Women and Their Experiences With Male Physicians  
HIV+ Gay Men Who Are Over Age 50  
Immigrant Women And Healthcare Challenges

You are not limited to these topics.  You can come up with your own topic.  Choose a topic that is personally interesting to you.  Your completed assignment should include the following areas. Be sure to research at least three peer-reviewed references beyond the course materials.
Your paper should include the following sections, labeled with these subheads:
IntroductionProvide an overview of the group you are focusing on.  Include any useful statistics, such as estimated number of individuals in this group and where they are most likely to be found.  Challenges 

Describe the challenges that this group faces from a healthcare perspective.  Consider relevant factors such as: 

Income disparity
Lack of knowledge by health care professionals of their medical needs
Power or lack of power  
Other challenges  


Identify and discuss your personal concerns around the needs of this group from the healthcare perspective.  Consider:  

How unmet healthcare needs are placing individuals in this group at risk
The importance of addressing this need 

Example of a ProgramDescribe a program that has been targeted toward meeting the needs of this group.  Include:  

Sponsor of the program
Techniques used, e.g. classes, counseling, direct care, other activities

If you are not able to find an example of a program, describe what you think would be an ideal approach to meeting the health needs of this group.   Conclusions Describe your own conclusions regarding this group.  Include:  

Any personal experiences you have had with members of this group
Your own perceptions and biases
A summary of what you learned

Attached is the Rough Draft!!