Luis Rodriguez


As you read for Journal Entry #4 (and part of #3 too), Luis J. Rodriguez becomes involved in social activism and works toward making progress in his school as well as his overall community.  We’ll break down our new unit topic more later in our module today, but for the moment…

What are some examples of times Rodriguez worked to bring about change in the book?  And, did he attempt this alone or did he work with others to do this?  Look through your Reading Journal and book and write down specific times you see Rodriguez engaging in social activism, noting whether he did so alone or with the help of others.  You can find a lot of this information in the pages we read for Journal Entry #4, but you can add other examples too.  After you’ve written done the examples you found, take a moment when you’re done to write a sentence or two explaining whether you think Rodriguez would have been successful in bringing about change if he had worked completely on his own.

Note- You don’t need full sentences for this activity, but make sure you list how Rodriguez tried to bring about change (so, what event/occurrence), if Rodriguez did this alone or with others, and the page(s) you found this information on.  You can write this in the text box below or in another document that you attach here.