Keep it simple


So far, we have studied what strategy is and the two major pillars. Also, we have learned generics strategies, a diamond model, and other theories (e.g., industry life cycle, economies of scale/scope…etc.).

Now, it is time to think about how we use our knowledge.

Writing questions.

Choose a firm that you are familiar with, analyze the firm’s current status, and suggest a future strategy.


I want to see your knowledge that you have learned from this class as much as possible.

For example, when you analyze the firm and/or suggest a future strategy, you are recommended to use theories and tools that you learned. You can analyze by using the industrial level model (e.g., 5 forces model) and firm-level model (VRIO or VRIN). And other models and theories as well (e.g., types of generics strategies, industry life cycle, economies of scale/scope…etc.)

And based on this current analysis, you can suggest a future strategy, and “why”.


You can refer to a news article or the firm’s annual report, but you have to translate it into your own language/writing (simple copy and paste is not allowed).
Please leave your reference list.
For example, if you use an online news article, please leave the web address.

Important rules.

  1. All answers should address “WHY.”
  2. The minimum number of pages is 3 except for the reference list (If your writing is less than three pages, your maximum score cannot be over 15.) 

The font is Times New Roman, and the size is 11 with a double space.