Journal due in 5 days

instructions are below- 


Assignment  – Journaling

A successful assignment submission meets rubric criteria (Content, Organization, Style/Language, and Sentence Structure/Grammar) and follows the assignment prompt. Completing this assignment should enable you to connect academic reading/writing to other settings and compose journal entries that follow the appropriate rules of grammar and composition. (MO 1,2)  

This is a freewriting and editing assignment that should take less than 20min per day from start to submission. This assignment further confirms your improvement of writing and editing abilities from the beginning of the course and helps you connect writing to places and concepts beyond the classroom. Complete and submit the assignment by 01:00 CST Monday of Week 7.

Details & Prompt:

Time yourself for at least 10min each day of this module. Write about anything on your mind each day! Then, spend a little time editing and formatting it before submitting it. Do not submit any files until the due date. Keep your journal entries in a single document with headings for each entry.

  • If you choose to type each entry into a single word document each day, make sure you create headings and have the document in MLA format.
  • If you choose to complete this assignment in an analog journaling system during the week, you may scan or photograph the entries, but embed them into one document that is otherwise formatted in MLA style before uploading.
  • If you choose to complete this assignment via vlog, audio files, podcast, blog, etc. you will need to provide an MLA formatted document explaining where and how to access the entries and cite the entries in the document.
  • If you come up with another creative way to complete this assignment not listed here, you still need to upload a single document with the MLA heading and running header, citations if applicable, and explanations if necessary.

The main takeaway from these directions is one MLA formatted file uploaded and your instructor needs to be able to read, view, or listen to your entries in some way!