jazz to rock


The instructions are as follows:

1.) Concerts to Watch: Choose 1 concert from the following list. If concerts long, students are required to watch no more than 45 minutes. 

              -Jimi Hendrix Experience, Live in Stockholm 1969

              -Rolling Stones, Live in Hyde Park 1969

-Cream, 1968 Farewell Concert/ Royal Albert Hall 

              -The Grateful Dead, 1976 Capitol Theatre

              -Nirvana, MTV unplugged 1993

              -The Wailers, Old Grey Whistle Test 1973 (watch 4-5 songs individually. Full concert unavailable) 

Please find these concerts to watch online (youtube etc). If you have any trouble finding the concerts to watch, send me an email and I will help you find something else. 

2.) For the concert, students are required to write a 300 word synopsis of the concert. This synopsis should address the following topics: instrumentation, musical sub-genre, names of songs(if possible), names of  musicians , your own opinion of the concert, and specific musical aspects of at least three of the pieces performed. For the specific musical aspects, refer to musical elements talked about in the e-book and how they related to the three songs you choose from the performance. Try to write specifically about what you are hearing.

Think about these questions for specific songs: What is the main melody or vocal line? Is there an intro before the main melody/theme and an outro at the end of the song? How many phrases are there in the main theme and do they repeat or change? Are there instrumental solos? Who solos and in what order? How do the solos differ? What is the tempo? What is the volume of each section? What is the role of each instrument? 

3.) Submission of concert reports: Before submitting your concert reports, save each as a PDF or word doc file. Click on the assignment name “Video Concert Reports”. Under submission, choose to upload each concert report  as an attachment. The assignment is set for unlimited uploads , so if you make a mistake when submitting, you can try again. 

4.) This assignment will be graded based on correct information included, length, specific information given, and grammar.