Introduction of workplace safety

Go to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) “Fatality and Catastrophe Investigation Summaries”. Select a letter from the Keyword List at the bottom of the page, then select one of the keywords that is listed for that letter. Review an incident listed for that keyword by clicking on its “Summary Nr” number.

Provide a brief summary of what happened, and describe one control (elimination, substitution, engineering, administrative, or PPE) that you would recommend to reduce the risk of this incident occurring again. Explain what type it is according to the hierarchy of controls.

When formulating your comment, attempt to apply the highest level of control that you believe could reasonably be achieved. Respond to another student’s post, stating why you believe his or her recommended control is (or is not) at the highest level of the hierarchy of controls that could be reasonably applied.



Copy of Accident Report:

At 9:30 a.m. on January 21, 2019, an employee was working for a full-service restaurant. He was cleaning a hood filter over a saute station range. He was on a stepladder. He placed one foot on the step ladder and the other foot on the saute grille platform. The saute grille platform was not manufactured to be used as a step. Further, it was at a different height than the step the employee was on on the stepladder. Finally, the employee was overreaching to access the hood vent. Due to the combination of the uneven, unsteady platform, the different heights, and the overreaching, the employee fell from elevation from the stepladder. He sustained injuries to his head and back. He was hospitalized.

In this incident I would use the Substitution control. The stepladder that was used was a hazard because it was to small for the job and standing on the stepladder made the job more difficult because of the improper use of the stepladder. I would of replaced the stepladder with a long cleaning brush that could reach the hood filter, which would of made it easier to reach and clean the filter from the ground, which would of prevented the fall of the employee.