international relations

essay 1 


Please conduct. research and answer ONE of the following questions in 800 words. All essays submitted are REQUIRED to have proper in-text citations AND a bibliography (if you do not know how to properly format and cite your work it is your responsibility to investigate how to do it, the college has a number of writing resources I encourage you to take advantage of). If the essay is missing either of those it will not be accepted. No late papers are accepted.

1. Some have argued we are leaving a period of American Hegemony with the ascent of China. Using our
understanding of power, history and  Empire and your own independent research please answer discuss whether or not you believe that either the United States or China is an empire? Explain why or why not.

2. Using our knowledge of markets, money and finance, please write an essay describing how you would analyze the state of the American Economy. You will need to draw conclusions about its relative strength or weakness from real world data. But make sure to explain your methodology and reasons for reaching those conclusions. How are you measuring things and why are you using those tools statistics etc.  If you’d like you can analyze the economy on either January 1, 2020. Or the state of things now, July 1, 2020. But not both. Pick one of the two. 

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