Intercultural Competence Reflection Statement

Students will write a 3-page reflection statement while discussing personal and professional growth related to Intercultural Competence. Use the Intercultural Competence VALUE rubric to assist you with assessing your own intercultural competence. Reflect on the knowledge, skills and attitudes you researched and explored for your poster. The reflection statement should describe how your research poster (artifact) aligns with the Baccalaureate Learning Outcome of Intercultural Competence and how you have grown from participating in the assignment. 

Use the following steps to guide you in writing your reflection:

1. A brief description of the artifact/assignment and a rationale for how the artifact aligns with the knowledge, skills and attitudes listed on the VALUE rubric for Intercultural Competence. 

2. Student includes a self-score of each criteria and demonstrates an examination of the learning process, showing what learning occurred, how learning occurred, in addition to how newly acquired knowledge or learning altered existing knowledge. 

3. Identify how you have grown as a learner and a professional during your course work in regards to the BLO, Intercultural Competence. Give one detailed example. 

4. Identify how you plan to apply what you have learned from participating in the assignment to your future goals. Give one detailed example. 

5. Proof read your work as you are also graded on your language skills.