Integrative Case 1: Garlic, Sugar, and Trade Disputes 1.5 pages

  1. Answer these 3 questions  in 1 or 2 pages. Please answer according to number of question (ie, do not respond in full essay format). It is not necessary to rewrite the question;  numbers are sufficient. 


Your submission will be vetted through the TurnItIn tool.  Submissions that return with more than 20% copied material (disregarding case questions, routine words, common vernacular, appropriate citations for text sources, etc.) will receive a failing grade.  (I will caution you that using a thesaurus-type tool to work around TurnItIn is also prohibited.  These are very easy to spot, and I have no tolerance for this.)

  1. In global trade, is there really a “level-playing field”? Why or why not? Discuss your opinion on this based on text concepts, in-class discussions, issues in the video/articles, and outside sources.

2.)Research ongoing issues with sugar subsidies and how the American Sugar Alliance [ASA] lobbies for domestic sugar producers. What should be the role, if any, of non-government agencies in global business, especially as it pertains to the global food supply

3.)Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of government’s intervention in free-trade especially in consideration of the global food supply. Choose two specific trade barriers in effect now (or recent examples of no more than 20 years ago), and indicate why these might have been enacted.  What is your opinion?  When, if ever, do you think intervention is appropriate?  (Use examples beyond the garlic case and sugar subsidies cases mentioned above.  There is no shortage of examples on this; use creative “Google”-ing or search the WTO.  Also, you can choose countries other than the US.)