Information Speech discussion


Part 1: Post a Response at least one paragraph

Today, you received an invitation from the president of the school board asking you to deliver an informative speech at Everytown High School. Because students at Everytown High School are currently studying global climate change, the president of the school board would like you to address this topic as well.

Review the sources listed below and choose the one you would use in your informative speech. Thoroughly explain why the source is a good choice.

  • A book entitled The Guide to Global Climate      Change (published in 2015).
  • A prerecorded interview with an employee at the      Smithsonian Environmental Research Center.
  • A documentary film explaining global climate change.
  • Respond to a      Peer below

Read a post by at least one of your peers and respond, making sure to extend the conversation by asking questions, offering rich ideas, or sharing personal connection 

5-7 sentences  

Peer Post:

The source that I would choose is the book. The guide to global climate change. First, before I used that book in an informative speech. I would make sure that I can find a book that is updated because that book was published in 2015. Having a good source of material will show a better way to guide you through the process of the speech. The students at  Every town high school will find the book to be updated, a better source for global climate change When addressing the book to the class and the class asks questions about global climate change. It should give them the answer that they are looking for. I believe the book will give more insight to the students. giving them a chance to explore what the topic is speaking about. If the book was updated, it will provide the students with better resources and help to create a good informative speech.