Infant, Toddlers And School Readiness

 The Zero to Three section has a focus on teaching what is academic content — language, literacy, math, science – to infants and toddlers.  It makes a statement that school readiness is an important aspect of quality experiences for infants and toddlers  There are others who are concerned when we start focusing on school readiness for these very young children.  Such a focus plays into the perspective that "getting children ready for the next thing (preschool, kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school, college….)" means we overlook the importance of the current stage of development.  If we focus on creating environments that focus on school readiness for infants and toddlers, are we ignoring/devaluing the developmental stage of infancy?  What do you see as the positives, what do you see as the negatives of a focus on school readiness for infants and toddlers?