I need a discussion relies/ summary on my classmate discussion post


1.     Ethnic culture

I am a “Southerner” from deep South Mississippi. An unspoken rule of Southerners is you never meet a stranger.  Most everyone in the south is friendly and greets everyone with a  “hey”. 

2.     Social group

I am a member of Coaltown Baptist Church.  An unspoken rule is that when ever you have a baby, get sick, get married, have a death in the family, we all cook for you.  Meal after meal will arrive to help you out.  

3.     Recreational group

I am a member of Empower Fitness.  We have an unwritten rule that you always encourage your team and never give up. 

4.     (Optional—other group).

I am a member of the Forrest General Hospital “7T Crew” as we call ourselves.  We are a FAMILY of nurses, techs, secretaries etc.  Our unwritten rule is you never leave another behind.  We ALWAYS walk out together after a long hard day or and easy day.  

Who socialized you into each culture you listed?

  1. I was born a southerner although I lived in Pennsylvania for many years, I ended up back in the south.
  2. I was raised in church and have always been affiliated with a church.
  3. My best friend invited me into this group and I have enjoyed it ever since.


What culture/s have you been a part of, and are not now?  (Name at least one, and more if you can.) 

  1. The culture of being a school teacher.
  2. The culture of being a stay at home mom.
  3. The culture of being a cheerleader