Presentation Instructions

Purpose and Skills: To create a presentation using visual aids to answer the writing prompt provided. You will use organizational and communication skills to tell your classmates what you researched for your presentation and what you learned.

Task: You will create a five-minute presentation. This presentation will combine visual media and orally presented material via a PowerPoint recorded presentation. You will turn in a digital copy of your slides, an outline of your presentation, and a self-reflection worksheet for your final grade.

The presentation must address this topic:

You will choose one of the regions we have discussed this semester. Create presentation discussing the way that invasions have shaped the development of that civilization. Look at how the movements of these groups, their attacks, settlement, and eventual conquest shaped the development of the region. How did they influence the society, economy, religion, politics, and military of the region.

Examples would be Europe and the Viking invasions, India and the Muslim conquests, China and the Mongol invasions, etc. There are numerous other examples you can choose from as well.

Criteria for Success:

  • The presentation will be five minutes long.
  • You will use a minimum of four academic sources to inform your research.
  • You will have a minimum of five slides that include the following
  • Introduction of topic and region.
  • Discussion of topic 2-3 slides.
  • Why or why not is the study of history important to becoming informed citizens?
  • How can understanding the motivations behind past cultures help us understand world events today?