Answer the following questions based on Chapter 19 of the Give Me Liberty eBook and class discussions:

 I. How did the U.S. government restrict freedom of speech during World War I?

 II. What two laws were enacted by Congress to quiet / suppress anti-war dissent? Describe them – with details.  

  • Should be approximately 1-1 ½ pages in length – not including the cover page.
  • Quiz should include a cover page that has the student’s name, date, and History class section.
  • Based on text (Chapter 19, Give Me Liberty, eBook) and class discussions. **No outside research is necessary.
  • Quiz must be typed, in 12-point font, double spaced, with one-inch margins on all sides.
  • Good writing standards are required. This includes accurate spelling (especially of proper names and adjectives), complete sentences, correct grammar, and punctuation. Avoid broad statements and overgeneralizations. Abstain from slang terms or colloquialisms. Instead use formal language.
  • Reach out to me sooner than later if you have questions or need general guidance with your paper.

It should:

  • Educate and inform the reader: Become the subject matter expert.
  • Address the central question(s): And have a clear and coherent argument.
  • Analysis of Material: Quiz is critical of evidence that is presented. When using concepts, issues, or examples in various outlets of evidence paper explains relevance to central thesis.
  • Clarity/Organization: Quiz is clear and well-organized. It is organized in an efficient style; paper flows in a manner that makes sense to reader.