Hello! I need a paper for my philosophy class. It should be 1.300 words or more. heres all the indications that the professor gave us.

  BOOK for the info: Doing Philosophy: An Introduction Through Thought Experiments 5th/6th Ed., (DOPH). Schick, T and Lewis Vaughn eds. McGraw Hill Press, (2012/2019)

The basic requirements of the paper 

  The paper must be 1200-1500 words long minimum (but can be longer).  

You must CITE your sources!  (You choose the style/format. There are paper writing resources at the end of the instructions that can help with this among other aspects of writing a paper). 

  You will be uploading your finished paper to Turnitin (via canvas).  

NO OUTSIDE SOURCES!!! Only material from our textbook and canvas. 

  If you were to ask 10 people, “How do I write a paper?” you’d probably get 10 different responses. No one seems to know exactly how to do one,  yet almost everyone is assigned one at some point in his or her academic career. Here is a guide to what faculty are usually “looking for” in a well-written paper. So, I will outline what your paper should look like below.  

  Remember, however, that every faculty member is different: some will want you to spend more time “analyzing” or “evaluating” the piece,  others on giving your personal reactions to it. The best rule of thumb is to ask your professor for clarification. Here is mine:  

  I repeat: There is a word minimum of 1200 words but a decent paper should be closer to 1400-1500. There is no word maximum.  

I. Thesis, Argument, and Conclusion. 700 words or so. 

Goal: Produce a short argumentative piece including an expository section.  

  This should be your introduction (to the question/issue at hand), an explanation of the fundamental traits of a philosopher, and then your argument section for Socrates.  

Note: Your introduction should include an inclusive thesis for the whole paper. That means, it must lay-out what you are trying to accomplish over the whole of the paper (ie, both sections I and II).  

You must first explain what it means to be a philosopher. You need to identify and explain three traits that embody what it means to be a philosopher. You can use all and only the class material on canvas or in the textbook.    You need to explain each trait without reference to Socrates. You should use examples of the traits as well as explain the traits themselves.  

The next section of the first part of your paper should be your argumentative case for Socrates.  Remember, you will be using all the applicable material from Unit 1 to make your case for whether Socrates should be considered a paradigmatic philosopher. How does Socrates meet these standards (or criteria)? Make arguments and give evidence/support!   

II. Final addendum/Your Epilogue: What about you? 500 words or so.  

Goal: Answer these questions: Reflecting on the three traits above (from section I), am I a  philosopher? Why or Why not? Give examples/evidence. What do you, or could you, gain from being a philosopher?  


  FOR MORE HELP on HOW TO WRITE a paper– These are helpful guides and should not be followed if they contradict the above structure/instructions. Please ASK ME or check the links below for further help or clarification.  


  Here is a link to the reading:   http://classics.mit.edu/Plato/euthyfro.html (Links to an external site.)   Some links about Socrates:   Who Was Socrates? – 8-Bit Philosophy (Links to an external site.)    (Links to an external site.)   Being Philosophical/Being Socrates/Questioning Our Ways of Life, Traditions, etc…:   PLATO: The Allegory of the Cave (Links to an external site.)  

Reflecting on how we live our lives (Death, Kierkegaard, and the Lex Fridman podcast with Soloman) 

Most people tranquilize themselves with the trivial (Links to an external site.)

Being Socratic with Philosophy Tube and Adam Ruins everything (on Expertise)   Who’s Afraid of the Experts? | Philosophy Tube ft. Adam Conover (Links to an external site.)   Gurus, more like No-rus!   The Truth About “Trading Gurus” From a Hedge Fund Manager (Links to an external site.)   Right to Repair Socrates   https://youtu.be/kd3Qa9tlA3o (Links to an external site.)   Being an expert and being able to explain yourself   Astrophysicist Explains Gravity in 5 Levels of Difficulty | WIRED (Links to an external site.)   Other/Funny   Bill and Ted and Socrates  (“that’s us, dude!”)   Bill and Ted and Socrates  (“that’s us, dude!”) (Links to an external site.)