Healthcare Quality – Evaluation: Information Management Compliance and Analysis Assessment

Meaningful use is another way of making sure your organization is compliant in meeting quality and safety recommendations. You collect information through EHRs. That information is then used as data points for different quality measures.

The SAFER guides consist of nine guides organized into three broad areas. These guides enable healthcare organizations to address EHR safety and ability to contribute to overall organizational quality in a variety of areas. Most organizations will want to start with the foundational guides and proceed from there to address areas of greatest interest or concern. The guides identify recommended practices to optimize the safety and safe use of EHR.

In this assignment, you will download and complete a SAFER guide.

This assignment directly supports Section II: Status of Quality Tools and Standards of your final project.

Conduct an evaluation of your organization’s EHR. If you are not currently employed, use a previous organization you have worked for or use organization information found on the Epic Patient Engagement website. In this assignment, you will download and complete one SAFER guide from First, ensure your Adobe Acrobat is up to date. Then, select one guide from the foundational guides, infrastructure guides, or clinical process guides, download your selected guide, complete it, and then submit it.