Health Care Managaement

Question 1:

What is the process of health policy making in the United States?

What is the process of health policy making in the United States? What are the main features of health policy? Why do these features characterize US health policy? Imagine yourself in a role of a health care administrator/manager. What impact does the health policy making have on your day-to-day operations and planning? What, if anything, can you do to “stay ahead of the game”?

Think about the recent elections. Should we anticipate changes? What would those be?

Question 2:

How do or will critical issues in healthcare (such as access, costs, quality, etc.) impact your abilities and responsibilities as the healthcare administrator?

Describe the critical policy issues related to access to care, cost of care, and quality of care. Pick your future career within the healthcare field. How does each of the above mentioned critical issues impact your responsibilities as the healthcare administrator?

Question 3:

Do you think that having other countries manufacture our generic drugs is the answer to lower drug costs?

Everyone needs affordable medications and everyone needs employment. However, we need to figure out a way so that we can manufacture our own medications and make them affordable. It is difficult to insure the safety of these medication when they come from other countries. The FDA has to be right on top of them to make sure they are putting in exactly what they are saying is in there.

Question 4:

Do you think all Medicare prescriptions should be free?

Medicare patients who are mostly the elderly 65+ or individual’s that have extreme health concerns are often in need of many medications. Do you think these medications should be free?

Question 5:

Do you think it’s wise to have provider’s from other countries do telehealth?

At first, I didn’t see a reason why not. But then again, this put provider’s here in the United States out of work. We are already short on primary care providers and telehealth is a way that they are able to reach out to patients who don’t have easy access into the offices. This allows people who want to keep their own provider but maybe they are homebound or just live a long distance from the office.