Group Processes and their Impact on Individual Behavior

 Humans are influenced by other people. The effects of being socialized in a socio-cultural environment are profound and pervasive. In this Discussion, while taking cultural variables into account, you are asked to consider how group processes may impact individual behavior. For instance, how you conform in your social behavior is influenced by culture and may impact your decisions and your behaviors in many aspects of your life at work, at home, and at play. For example, in some cultures people may adhere to adages such as “the squeaky wheel gets the oil” which emphasizes the role of independent action whereas in other cultures, the adage group members are expected to follow “the nail that sticks out gets pounded down” which emphasizes the value of group cohesion over independence. 

 For this Discussion, you will examine the impact of group culture on individual behavior. 

Consider the following topics and select one topic for this Discussion: 

  • Romantic love/interpersonal attraction 
  • Obedience and conformity 
  • In group vs. out group 

 Based on the topic you selected, search the Walden Library for an article related to your topic as well as related to culture, group processes, and behavior/cognition.

Article: Social Influence and Conformity is attached

 Note: Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources and identify current relevant literature to support your work. 


 Credit Line: Karandashev, V., & International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology. (2015). A Cultural Perspective on Romantic Love. Retrieved from ​​. Used with permission of International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology.