Group presentation


Prepare and deliver a presentation on a leadership person of your choosing (that is not covered in “assignment 2”) to help you work well together as a team. 

Each group will prepare a 20-minute maximum presentation for classmates. Presentations can be as creative and interactive as you want. Equal input and equal participation during a presentation are expected from each team member.

Presentation Criteria:

  • Summary of the leader’s life. What was the leader known for? What was their inspiration?
  • Outline what leadership theory and concepts you think that leader used from the many leadership theories and concepts that are there especially the ones dealt with in this class.
  • Show us how that leadership style is linked to the organization(s), or situations that the leader faced during their time.
  • How will that leadership style hold out to the current times we are living under. How will you use their leadership style to your own benefit?
  • Give the group’s overall assessment of the leader, and the leader’s leadership style in the history of leadership. What did they do that was different? How did their research/theory affect leadership today? Can you give examples of their theory in use today?

This presentation in PDF format, with the percentage contributed by each group member in its formulation, is to be submitted in Moodle Dropbox on or before the start of class on the 16th of April.