Group Paper Assignment

This is a group project, you need to read the case I gave you. I just need to write my own part. My part is to resolve the issue. It needs to be about 2 pages, and then need to make it as a Powerpoint slides with speaking notes. Maybe 1 or 2 slides (If need more it’s fine). below is the requirement.


Group Paper Assignment

For your assigned case, please read the case and answer the questions at the end.  When a question asks for alternatives, you must present possible alternatives and pros/cons along with a recommendation.  Cases are at the end of the book, listed as “Integrative Cases.”

You must then research a current situation or case that is similar to the case you just completed.  Outline the organization, the issues at hand and what has happened until now.  Discuss, based on your experience in class, how you might approach the issues and resolve. 

You must use terms and concepts from class, and your papers must be written in proper APA-style (meaning you must use footnotes and references), and should read as if one person wrote it.  I expect full sentences and paragraphs, and points will be deducted for poor writing. 

Finally, you will be expected to present a short (10 minute) presentation on the last night of class, outlining your case, your findings and the similar case and your recommendations.