Grammar worksheet (Term3/ Final Exam2020-2021)


Complete these sentences by using the verbs indicated in the appropriate tense.

1. Elephants _______________ big animals that have ivory tusks. (be)

2. Mammoths ________________________ around five million years ago (appear)

3. We sometimes ______________________ in the park. (meet)

4. He _________________ his bike every day. (ride)

4. Can we talk now? Yes, I’m _________________________anything important. (not do)

5. You ________________________me. Please stop (constantly, interrupt)

6. Yesterday, when I ______________________ in the garden, my uncle _________________ (work/ call)

7. He _________________the bus to get there. (already, take)

8. I ___________________ to Italy since July 2005. (be)

9. Carol ___________________meat for ages. (eat)

10. If you visit me tomorrow morning at nine o’clock, I _________________________ (study)

11. Before she _______________ (have) dinner, she _____________________ (work) in the garden.

12. After she ________________ (help) me with the housework, she ____________________ (go) to meet her friends.

13. I wish I __________________________ for the test that I did yesterday. (study) 

14. By the time we ____________________(arrive) tomorrow at the hotel, the sun ____________________ (set).

15. It seems ___________________________(take)a very long time to get here today. {use infinitive}


Complete these sentences by using the verbs indicated in the appropriate tense and mood and voice.

16.  I _________________ (wait) for you since two o’clock.

17. Why is he so tired? He _____________________ (play) tennis for five hours.

18. How _____________________________ (feel) recently?

19. We ____________________ (look for) her ring for two hours and then we found it in the bathroom. 

20. He suggests that everybody_____________________ (make) an effort. 

21. The psychologists recommended that the criminal __________________________ (remain) in prison. 

22. I wish he ___________________________ (be/not) that far away.

23. If I ____________________________ (be) you, I would listen to my parents advice.

24. The man ______________________ (catch) by the police. {use the passive voice}

25. The workers left because their salaries ________________________________ (pay/not) for several weeks.

Unit 8

26. Which sentence does not have a helping or helping verbs? 

a. Dove does not wish to continue with the training. 

b. Andy seemed sick last night. 

c. The kids were playing all day. 

d. I have been waiting for so long. 

27. Find the sentences with modal verbs. 

a. That might be your best option. 

b. They had hoped for a miracle, but time was running out. 

c. I would if I could, but I can’t. 

d. It could be that someone has already read the letter. 

e. She mustn’t know the truth. 

f. I am attending a meeting. 

g. He didn’t know that you were standing behind the door. 

28. Locate the sentences with linking verbs used correctly. 

a. Trees and buildings seem larger. 

b. The showman appeared suddenly on stage. 

c. The air is cold. 

d. The kids looked sick.

e. All feels threatening and hostile. 

f. David appeared so mysterious. 

g. Sarah looked at Sophie with bewilderment. 

29. Select the sentences in Zero Conditional.

a. The glass will break if she drops it. 

b. You need vaccinations against certain diseases if you travel to tropical countries. 

c. If you mix hydrogen and oxygen, you get water. 

d. If we had played better, we would have won. 

e. Babies cry if they are hungry. 

30. Select the sentences in First Conditional. 

a. She will see the clown if she turns backwards. 

b. If people don’t eat, they die. 

c. If he had left the house at nine, he would have been on time for the interview. 

d. If I see her, I will tell her. 

e. He will not go back to the park if it rains. 

31. Select the sentences in Second Conditional. 

a. If we had taken a taxi, we would not have missed the plane. 

b. Snakes bite if they are scared. 

c. If she studied harder, she would pass the exam. 

d. I would say hello if I met the Queen of England. 

e. If you touch fire, you get burned. 

32. Select the sentences in Third Conditional.

a. I get sick if I eat peanuts. 

b. If I had gone to bed early, I would have caught the train. 

c. If Sophie had gone to university, she would have become a teacher. 

d. David will be late if the train is delayed. 

e. I would have been on time for the interview if I had left at ten. 

Unit 9

Directions: Identify each type of sentence and explain your answer. Types of Sentences: declarative, imperative, exclamatory, and interrogative.

33. The students wanted to go on a field trip. Type: ________________________ 

34. Can we go to the Adventureville Theme Park? Type: ________________________

35. Be on your best behavior for the next two weeks. Type: ________________________ 

36. After a couple long weeks of keeping their hands to themselves, quietly focusing on instruction, and cleaning up their messes, the students were rewarded with a fieldtrip. Type: ________________________ 

37. We are so excited about going to Adventure Ville! Type: ________________________ 

38. How far away is the park from the school and what time do we have to come home? Type: _________________

39. But, the park is three hours away from the school and we’ll have to be back by 3:00 for the busses! Type: _____

40. Quit asking questions and just be happy. Type: ________________________ 

41. But, if it takes us six hours to get there and back, and we have to be back by 3:00, we’ll only be able to stay for thirty minutes. Type: ________________________ 

42. The students wondered why they were going to Adventure Ville. Type: ________________________ 

Identify the dependent clause and underline the independent clause. 

43. Because I partied all weekend, I never found time to do my homework.

44. I hate to drink coffee because it always upsets my stomach. 

45. When you win the lottery, you can buy me dinner. 

46. Although I don’t remember his name, I’m sure that man is a famous actor. 

47. As I was walking down Broadway, a police car jumped the curb and ran over my cat.

48. After I graduate from TVI, I hope to work as a nurse at Lovelace hospital. 

49. You will never be a good student if you do not study. 

50. The train was racing through the city as the evening sun went down. 

51. This assignment is easy if you have taken a grammar course.

 52. I will watch while you wash the dishes. 

53. Once you have finished, I will peel the potatoes. 

54. Light flooded the landscape as the sun burst over the horizon. 

55. Since you did not respond, she took the first flight to Canada. 

56. The director announced that all afternoon classes were canceled. 

Choose the sentence having the correlative conjunction formed correctly. 

57. The food was only cold, but also the service was appalling

58. Not only was the food cold, but the service was also appalling.

Unit 10

In each of the following sentences identify the subject and the predicate.

59. A rolling stone gathers no moss.

60. Borrowed garments never fit well.

62. She has been to all the continents.

63. A barking dog seldom bites.

64. On the top of the hill lives a hermit.

65. You never cease to amaze me.

66. We should profit from our experience.

67. Suddenly one of the wheels came off.

68. A dark figure appeared in the hallway.

69. Someone rose to speak.

70. When did she die?

71. Who told you this?

72. No man can serve two masters.

Decide whether the words in bold are subjects, direct objects or indirect objects

73. She sent her friend an email.

74. Sally will help you with your housework.     

75. Where did you put the keys?

76. He gave them a bag full of money.   

77. Alice wrote a book on the French revolution.