global issues current event

-SUBJECT TO USE: war on drugs and how it effects the african american community 

use some info from ch.12 global crime, cyber crime, human trafficking and ch.9 (attached)

-Book to use:  Global Issues 5th Edition, Richard J. Payne. Pearson, 2017. ISBN-13: 9780134202051 

-MLA format

 Length – No more than 2 pages. My recommendation would be at least 1 page. However, you know your writing style best. If you are a very succinct writer you may be able to get your point across in just a couple of paragraphs, however, I wouldn’t recommend this for everyone. 

Subject – Pick a current event (or an event within the last 1-2 years) that ties to a concept we’ve learned in class. Explain the concept we’ve discussed in class and explain how it relates to the current event. How is it similar or different than other events, what does it say about the current interaction of states regarding global issues, possible solutions to remedy the situation? 

Citation – You’ll need to cite at least one reputable news source (NPR, CNN, BBC, etc.). We’ll use MLA citation style in this course. 

Writing – You must approach this as an analysis. Opinion, editorializing, and 1st or 2nd person plural or singular is not acceptable. You must watch grammar, spelling, and punctuation. If I cannot read it then I cannot grade it. You must use this paper to connect the readings to a current event in the real world.