Forensic Investigations – Written Assignment

Mock Crime Scene Scenario:Buried human remains were discovered in the rear yard of an industrial complex located off a major county road. The industrial complex is easily accessible to the public due to the proximity off the roadway and relaxed roaming security. There are no fences bordering the industrial complex, but security cameras were in plain view off various buildings on the property. The remains were located by two (2) workers who were on their break walking around the property. They were walking on an asphalt walkway and managed to see an opened wallet sitting on top of a grassy area. Once they approached the wallet, they observed what they believed were a pair of shoes partially buried sitting out of the dirt. Further curiosity led them to ultimately uncover legs attached to the shoes. At this time, they contacted their supervisor who then contacted police. Police arrived on scene and discovered (near the remains), in addition to the wallet (which was empty except for family pictures), food wrappers, a baseball cap, and a hammer. Red stains were located on the hammer (on the handle and head). The wallet did have red stains on the exterior and interior portions.A suspicious vehicle (described as a white sedan) was located parked in the front parking area of the industrial complex. Outside of this vehicle (underneath) was a tool bag with multiple loose tools underneath. These tools all appeared to be clean. According to workers within the complex, this vehicle has been parked there for over a week without being moved. The front driver side window and door had red stains along the exterior. This vehicle was parked in a secluded area of the parking lot, and not parked near any other vehicle. Red stained keys were also located next to the front driver side tire.While conducting a canvass of the immediate area near the industrial complex, police located an abandoned vehicle (described as a blue pick-up truck) which was parked approximately a half mile down the road. The vehicle, which was parked in front of residential buildings, appeared clean. The windows to the vehicle were all down (which the neighbors felt was odd since it has been cool and cloudy outside). Witnesses also stated that this vehicle has been parked there without moving for over one week. One block away from this vehicle, along the rear chain-linked fenced yard of a residential structure, were several articles of clothing which were dirty with mud, grass, and had obvious red stains. After obtaining consent to enter the property, police gathered the clothing and described them as a shirt (torn) and denim pants. The clothing was located against the chain-linked fence which also showed evidence of red stains (just above the location of the clothing underneath). A pair of red stained dirt covered boots were also located in the neighboring (chain-linked fenced-in) rear yard of another residential structure. After obtaining consent to enter that property, the boots were also collected by police.
For the written assignment, I want you to discuss the following topics:

  • Using the knowledge you have obtained so far, and possibly so additional information you may choose to research on your own or view in the assigned textbook for the course, fo this brief written assignment, provide me a brief (2-3 page) report of…
    • What are four examples of questions that the investigator should ask about evidence?
    • Give me a detailed description of how any potential evidence can be linked to the victim, suspect, and scene forming a forensic linkage triangle.
    • Using some potential pieces of evidence mentioned in the scenario, what are the differences between class and individual characteristics of evidence?
    • When you first arrive on a scene, what information should be provided to you as the crime scene investigator from the first responding officer?
    • Let us assume first responding officers placed crime scene barrier tape around the location of the buried remains. As a crime scene investigator, what would you consider regarding to the placement of that crime scene barrier tape and would you leave it alone or change it, and why?

Keep in mind, I do understand that your analysis will be limited by the information you have available. This written assignment is meant to be an interactive and interesting exercise to practice reconstruction concepts and placing your thoughts in a well written and understandble report.  A true reconstruction of a scene would involve an incredible amount of information and weeks of analysis to complete.
Please answer each of the bullet points to receive full credit. I will be grading this assignment using the following rubric…

  • Integration of knowledge (using what we have discussed and possible self-research)
  • Topic focus (ability to provide an explanation of each bullet point)
  • Discussion (ability to discuss your thoughts and ideas for each bullet)
  • Cohesiveness (ability to tie together all the information to form an understandable report that flows from one issue to the next)

If there are any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email me as they arise.
This assignment must be typed as a WORD document or PDF and emailed me no later than the due date (04/05/2021). I am looking for a 12-point font, double-spaced, and approximately 2-3 pages in length. No need for a cover page; however, if you are choosing to quote anything from the textbook or outside sources, please cite your work properly and provide a work cited page at the end (this page does not count towards the 2-3 pages).