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Exosystem Case Study

This week's discussion again asks you to address the issues of Case 8, "After School for Cindy" (Weiss et al., pp. 84–92). After participating in the discussion, individually create your own analysis to the following questions:

What support can (or should) the school offer to the mother in helping her find after-school care? Ethically, what role should the school play in a child's education beyond the typical classroom? How could the Code of Ethics for Minnesota Teachers (linked in the Resources) be used as a guide to inform teachers?
How can school personnel empower parents?
What role should communities take in supporting and promoting families' involvement in school and protecting children?
How can schools provide after or before school programs? How should this be coordinated? Should transport be provided as well?

As with any analysis, your report should provide the reasons behind your assessments and recommendations. Use examples from the case study and other appropriate reading to support your responses. Your final report should be 3–5 pages and be written in scholarly and APA style.