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Chapter 2:  Page 47

Create an integrated curriculum web for a social studies topic of your choosing.  Use the sample on page 47 as a guide.  You must have a link to each of the following areas: mathematics, science, language arts (reading/writing/listening), art and community resources.  Inclusion of a project is optional.

Chapter 6:  Page 202

Extend Your Knowledge

#2:  Create a resource file of children’s games from around the world.  Find two different games from two different countries or ethnic/cultural groups (a total of four games).  Teach one game to a group of children.  Write a paragraph about the experience.  Tell how you introduced the game to the children and their reactions as they played the game.

Interview a pre- k teacher   Ask about their social studies curriculum. 

Give details about how they incorporate social studies into their total program.  How important to they consider social skills in their total program?  How do they plan to foster social skills?  Must be a classroom situation and not a home facility. 

Be sure to give the name and position of the teacher you interview.  A minimum of one full page is required. 


TitleSocial Studies for the Preschool/Primary ChildAuthorCarol Seefeldt; Sharon D. Castle; Renee Falconer

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