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Family Life and Learning

Our world today is rich in diversity. Families exist in varying forms and a multitude of races, cultures, and economic status. Research shows how all of these aspects of family life impact our educational path. Describe your own family of origin and how this impacted or steered your early learning experiences. How may your own race or culture affect your teaching beliefs and practices today?


The best of Research

 Share the most interesting or surprising information from the research you conducted on the powerpoint. 


Preparation – Field Observation

Using a checklist that allows you to assess the use of developmentally appropriate practices and materials, spend some time in an early childhood education environment evaluating what you see happening.

You may search for an existing checklist used in state or national evaluations, or create your own, I have attach a checklist I found online. Some items to include in creating your own assessment might be how the teacher sets expectations and models respectful treatment of others or how the teacher encourages students to understand ideas from different perspectives.

Then create a report in which you:

1. Explain how the assessment was appropriate for the environment being assessed and evaluate what you found (include the checklist).

2. Offer suggestions about what you would change to improve the learning environment for both students and teachers. If you were an administrator, how might you address these issues with a teacher? Are there professional development opportunities for teachers that would improve the learning environment?

3. Identify other questions about early childhood education environments raised by your observation that would require further study or research to answer. What interests you about these questions and why are they important?

Remember to tie your suggestions back to your readings and developmentally appropriate practices. The report should be 2–4 pages in length, not including the checklist, and should be written in scholarly and APA style.