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More than 55 percent of mothers with infants under the age of one year are in the workforce and utilize nonparental childcare of some sort (Driscoll & Nagel, 2007). Explore some of the issues related to finding infant or toddler care. What options are available? What can caregivers do to help families feel secure when leaving their infants with them? please reference with textbook  

Driscoll, A., & Nagel, N. G. (2008). Early childhood education, birth – 8: The world of children, Families and Educators. Boston, MA: Allyn and Bacon.


Select a journal article about an issue in your field of study from the Library. Do not select an article which simply summarizes job duties, but instead look for an article which addresses a change, important topic, new idea, current trend, etc.

Post: Summarize and analyze

To prepare for success on the Unit 2 Assignment, address the following points in at least 2 well-developed paragraphs:

Identify the author and title of the article you chose to read, along with the URL link to the article.
Briefly summarize the article.
Identify the main point of the article and what makes it effective.
Share what you learned about effective writing from reading this article.
Include an open-ended question about any issue your initial post raises which your classmates can help you with.

**Remember, you will use the same article for the Unit 2 Assignment.


How do the demands of people affect the world's natural resources? Could people run out of natural resources? Why or why not? 50 words