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How might you explain volume to children? What activities might you use? 100 word count

Why does APA use matter in education? What are the benefits of APA use? How can you ensure that you are demonstrating proper use of APA in your assignments? 100 words count

The University Library provides guides on how to use APA style, as well as a citation generator that will automatically format citations for both the body of your essay and for your reference page. Enter your sources into the APA citation generator. When we have tools like this to assist us, why is it still important to understand the rules of APA formatting?



According to the psychological perspective and research, how can early childhood stressful experiences (e.g., neglect, abuse, or lack of a secure attachment) influence the developmental of behavioral problems?

As a child grows up they learn how to cope with everyday life as an adult such as stress and how to interact with others. In early childhood, research on the biology of stress shows how major adversity, such as extreme poverty, abuse, or neglect can weaken developing brain architecture and permanently set the body's stress response system on high alert. Science also shows that providing stable, responsive, nurturing relationships in the earliest years of life can prevent or early life stress, with lifelong benefits for learning, behavior and health ( The brain grows most during the first few years of life and are fragile. This is why we say small children have brains like a sponge, they soak up everything around them. During these sensitive years, healthy emotional and cognitive development is shaped by responsive, dependable interactions with adults, while chronic or extreme adversity can interrupt normal development, an example is children who were placed shortly after birth into orphanages with conditions of severe neglect show dramatically decreased brain activity compared to children who were never institutionalized ( To much stress can also be bad for a developing brain. There are two types of stress. First there is a healthy stress called positive stress. IF a child is threatened his heart rate rises, blood pressure rises and stress hormones such as cortisol. This is when a young child is protected by supportive relationships with adults, he learns to cope with everyday challenges and his stress response system returns to normal ( The second type of stress is bad stress which is called tolerable stress. This comes from the death of a loved one, a disaster, or fighting an injury or sickness.  When strong frequent or prolonged adverse experiences such as extreme poverty or repeated abuse are experienced without adult support, stress becomes toxic as excessive cortisol disrupts developing brain circuits ( 

Next, referring directly to the textbook, briefly explain all three elements of the Integrated model.

There are 3 different types of vulnerability called the Triple Vulnerability theory. The first one is generalized biological vulnerability. This is a heritable contribuation to negative affect and doesn't cause anxiety itself. The second is generalized psychological vulnerability. This is when a person might not be able to cope when things go wrong based on their early experiences, such as growing up thinking the world is bad and out of control. The third is specific psychological vulnerability and is learned from early experiences such as being taught by parents that some situations or objects are fraught with danger (Durand, Barlow). This is like learning fire is dangerous or that dogs are dangerous. 

Last, select one form of an anxiety disorder and explain how one of the elements of the integrated model can be used to explain the origins of that disorder. Anxiety disorders to choose from include generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety phobia, specific phobia, separation anxiety disorder, selective mutism, and agoraphobia.

Specific Phobias is any kind of anxiety disorder that amounts to an unreasonable or irrational fear related to exposure to specific objects or situations, the fear or anxiety may be triggered both by the presence and anticipation of the specific object or situation (Wikipedia). This could be anything that a person fears. For instance, my sister in law  is terrified of snakes. She knows I have one as a pet and as long as its in its cage and left in the room she is fine, however one day she was visiting with us and I decided to take the snake out of the cage and walked into the living room with him. She was sitting on my couch and as soon as she saw it she jumped up screaming and ran out the door literally peeing herself. She knows he is gentle and has allowed her kids to hold and touch it but her herself is so terrified of snakes she can't be in the same room as one specially if not in a cage. Some people have such fears of things that they go into panic attacks and in serious cases can cause themselves to have a heart attack from fear if they are not able to get away or out of what they are afraid of. This would be if someone is claustrophobic which is the fear of confined spaces. If that person gets trapped in a small area fear is going to kick in, the longer they are in the closed in area the worse the fear becomes which can lead to them having a heart attack because their blood pressure, and heart rate are going to rise to high as the fear gets worse. 


Metrics versus the English system.  The united states made great industrial strides using the English system. It seems every so often there is a push to convert  the America to the metric system.  I'm sure there are advantages, particularly in science, as the lesson states the science community has already adapted the metric system. When I look at the metric charts and how the decimal is basically the guide or anchor it looks very simple.  However easy it looks on paper, my mind gets confused unless there is a chart with decimal placement right in front of me. I guess some of our minds don't convert too easily 

My suspicions are  the main reasons the U.S stays with the English system is for  economics. There would be a lot of competition and options for industries to find new suppliers and products. Then there is the costly learning curve. To have the nation switch would lead to some  miscalculations and miscommunication would no doubt result in serious industrial injuries and death. It would take some time until everyone was on the same page? I'm open to hear others suggestions and reasons why 

The united states hasn't switched. It would be fun to learn more opinions.


Images mean more then just a picture. When we see a picture we think of 10000 when trying to write and show the reader what we see we put in detail. The smell. The taste. The fell and above all what you see. We want to show the reader everything in one. Visualization is key. The the imagery becomes a memory we all remember. Memory is stored in the hippocampus. The hippocampus is a horse-shoe shaped area of the brain that plays an important role in gathering information from short-term memory into long-term memory. When thinking about memories they become stories we have to visually see in our own heads and tell the story to others so they could see it too.


to me being visual in your writing gives the reader a chance to see the picture you are trying to paint with your words. Images are important in writing to help the reader remember key details of your story so that if they have to take a test on the book they will be able to recall the imagery to be able to answer the question. I have two children 8 and 12, thinking visually helps me remember details of arguments between them so I know who's story I am going to believe to determine who is wrong or right or if they are both wrong. Being able to focus in your writing will help you be able to tell a great story as opposed to just telling a story.


The meaning of the phrase art is a sensory experience , is basically the fact that you can utilize art to spark your senses. For example, you can view a painting and it can be beautiful to you, and make you think of something which will cause you to create other sensory memories in your mind like maybe a smell associated with the memory. For me, there is a painting that does this for me every time. It is a painting that a friend of mine painted of a yard with a large family enjoying a picnic. In the picture there is allot of food, but in looking at the image because of the effects that he used, you can feel the wind and smell the trees when you study the picture. It is completely breath taking the way it makes your mind automatically flash back to those memories.