Food history paper


1. Write a 2-3 three-page paper that include a page to page and a half narrative about your personal family food practices around a special event. This narrative must be summative in nature and must be written with proper sentence structure in 12-inch Time Roman font. Your paper must have a cover page and must include the who, what, where, when, and why this is culturally relevant to you. 

2. You must include at least one recipe and tie the recipe back to the learning in one of the chapters in the text. For example, if the recipe is a potato salad recipe ( you would list that this is a bound salad) and what makes it a bound salad. The recipe must include both the ingredients and directions to make it. In addition, you must either take a photo and include the photo in your paper response or you may source a similar photo online and include in the writing. You may choose to make changes to the recipe for instance and recreate it from a healthy twist. This change may be a way for you to add the textbook information in a creative way. 

3. If your family does not have a culturally significant recipe, then you are to create a culturally significant experience using food that you might create for your own family going forward. 

4. You will share this narrative experience to the class as a whole in the last two sessions of our class.