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 Guided Response: You are required to substantively respond to at least two of your colleagues by day 7 (the following Monday). As you review the posts submitted by your peers, some responses may consider how your career search may be similar (or different) to others in our class. What perceptions did you share? Review their chosen quote. How is it similar or different than yours? This forum should be used as a platform to discuss similar or opposing ideas and career goals and to provide additional resources that you may have found helpful to your own learning and preparation. 


Nakoacha Williams

 Hello, my name is Nakoacha Williams and I have over 20 years of experience working with children; childcare, school system and working on military bases. I love children and they are my passion and I want to either teach in the school system or work on base as a director. I love spending time with my family; my husband our 6 kids (blended family) and our 2 grandchildren. Something that characterizes me, I am not sure. We love traveling to different places when time allow us to. We have been to the east and west coast. Lived in the South (Louisiana) and up north Oklahoma?? Traveling is definitely apart of how I shape and carry myself to see the world differently than if I have never traveled before and as I come near to earning my degree.  I feel that I will open many doors and opportunity for me to help children become their better selves. Children need more voices for them. If it’s a counselor, mentoring or time, we need more teachers/caregivers who cares. I am currently working in an elementary and my entire team is supporting and pushing me to teach. I know graduating will not only benefit me personally but also help my district out as well. I believe that our learning objectives listed on the syllabus can help me to obtain a job that utilize my skills in the school setting I am currently at and it can also help me with students with special needs and those students who have other challenges. This could be a deal breaker with a school that would like those special needs quality in a teacher like myself. Langston Hughes said it best, “I have discovered in life that there are ways of getting almost anywhere you want to go, if you really want to go.”  If we are determined to go the distance no matter the cost, we can get to a better place or a place we could have only imagine with a little effort.  I believe that Research Methodology is necessary for when you are researching particular data for a particular outcome. For me, I have been trying to pass my teachers certification test and finding the best tools and materials to use, I had to do my own research to fit my needs and not others. I believe that when we take our time and use research methodology, it will help you find clear solutions for your research.  I looked forwarded to meeting all of you and learning from you. This journey for me has been a long time coming, I am just happy to see the finish line with the help of you all pushing me on, Thanks!! (Hughes, Langston) 


Danelle Berry

Hello everyone, my name is Danelle Berry I live in the city that never sleeps New York City I was born and raised here I have four siblings who have children five nephews and two nieces they are my children considering I do not have kids of my own.I love reading and free writing a few years ago, I took an interest in art and photography, which is something I fell in love with.

I did have the pleasure of moving to Columbus Ohio which I lived there for thirteen years. Moving back home has helped me understand who I am and the direction I want to go in life I am starting my preschool in Columbus Ohio which will involve me traveling from both states. I have a partner who still lives in Columbus, Ohio which helps plenty it has been a journey especially when you have no bank loans or funding from anywhere everything that was purchased is from money we worked for. We have a website, Facebook and Instagram page that helps out plenty. We scheduled our opening on June 2019, but unforeseen circumstances stepped in the way we are almost finished and will open the second week of September which is right around the corner. My degree progress has helped me out in numerous ways, and one of them is stepping out the box and wanting to start a business I will say this is not the end I have a few other projects I would like to start in both Ohio and New York City.

“When educating the minds of our youth we must not forget to educate their hearts” Dalai Lama this is a compelling statement for me I believe that all children come from different walks of life its essential to start children off with love. The heart is the key to unlocking genuine emotions that will last throughout children’s adulthood which they will pass along to their children. It is imperative to research different methodologies like life every problem has a different solution different research methods have different purposes and different levels of credibility.


Ashley Jones 

Hello All. My name is Ashley Jones. I have little experience working in the educational field. My undergrad is in Human Resource Management and I’ve held lots of different jobs that involve children but I have little direct educational field experience. I did substitute teach for a year when my girls were first born but otherwise that is it. 

I live with my husband and twin 5-year-old daughters in Southeastern Ohio. I grew up in this area and moved back to the area 8 years ago after being away for a decade.  My husband and I were best friends growing up but never dated until nearly 10 years after we graduated and I moved home when we got married. My husband and I own an 86-acre homestead where we raise all of our own meat, vegetables, and fruits. We are passionate about clean eating and healthy living.  

When I was in my early 20s I spent 3 years living in Honduras (as a missionary) and have continued to lead short term mission trips there every summer. This summer I was able to take my twin daughters there for the first time. My husband and I made several attempts to adopt a girl from there early in our marriage and my daughters got to meet her this summer. It was the greatest week ever. The image I’ve attached is of all 3 of our girls together. 🙂 

As I mentioned above I’ve never had any direct teaching experience. However, at the age of 32 I realized that teaching was my passion and what I wanted to do for the rest of my life so I went back to school to make that happen. Completing my graduate degree has supported my career search by making it possible. By completing my masters of education I will be able to find a teaching job and can work with children for the next 30 years! 🙂 

The course learning outcomes could be added to my elevator speech because they make me think further into why I want to be a teacher. The learning outcomes are about researching and digging into how what we’ve learned throughout our degree program will direct impact the children we will teach. The outcomes cause me to pause and take the “paper – pencil” learning that I’ve done throughout my degree and think through out I’ll put those practices into action. 

One of my favorite quotes about education is by Margaret Mead “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think”. I stumbled upon this quote years ago and don’t even remember now exactly where I saw it for the first time. However, the quote has stuck with me all these years. I believe the words are so true. As educators we must focus less on teaching students the “right answers” and instead should shift to teaching them how to find the right answers and how to think critically about the subject at hand. We need to focus on meeting students where they are and teaching them on a more individualized bases instead of teaching to the whole class and expecting all students to get it. 

It is important to research methodology because we need to know why something is happening and what to do with the information. It helps to identify what is happening and the process that took place before and after.