Follow APA format and provide 1.5 to 2 page response

Using the attached Business Case/Elevator Pitch Exercise complete the following Stakeholder Identification Exercise. Copy and paste the Business Case/Elevator Pitch from Week 2 in the space below (ensure it is single spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font). Fill in each of the quadrants in the chart below for internal and external stakeholders impacted by the project progress and the project results. List eight (8) unique stakeholders per quadrant. Do not repeat stakeholders.

Be specific with your stakeholder identifications

For example, if the project were the repurposing of a fast food restaurant to operate under emergency circumstances (i.e. 2020 Coronavirus pandemic) then you should not just list “Customers” as stakeholders. You would need to identify these more specifically as “Dine-In Customers”, “Drive Through Customers”, Walk-In Customers” and “Delivery Customers”. 

Your identified stakeholders need to be specific. For example, listing City Government or Local Government is not specific enough. What department of the city government are you referring too? Is it several? A construction project could include engineering, planning and zoning, public works and even mayor/council. Quality of analysis and critical thought are important in this exercise. If you can breakdown an identified stakeholder group into smaller groups then you have not been specific enough. Be thorough and be specific.

After you have identified the Stakeholders you will create a Communication Management Plan for your project as per Exhibit 6.9 template of  Kloppenborg textbook. You will provide this detailed plan in the section following the Stakeholder chart. Please make sure to include Project management tool

This section of the Problem Set should utilize the Communication matrix as provided in the Kloppenborg textbook. The objective of the course is to provide you with the opportunity to learn and develop skills with project management tools & techniques. However, the Communication Matrix of Exhibit 6.9 deals with the specific communication process for each stakeholder which would be relevant to the request.

Textbook to be used: **Do not cite any other sources

Kloppenborg, T., Anantatmula, V., & Wells, K. (2019). Contemporary project management (4th ed). Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning.